Ilie Nastase Anniversary Edition

The most important Romanian tennis tournament dedicates an Anniversary Edition to the legendary Ilie Nastase. The historical performances of the great champion , will be celebrated during this great event.

The first number one player in the history of ATP rankings was Ilie Nastase. He succeded to mark on each Romanian’s heart the historical date of August 23rd, 1973, the moment when he became the first player who conquered the no.1 spot in the official ATP ranking.

„The pleasure of playing was always more important to me than the actual rankings. Sometimes I lost matches that I enjoyed so much. Not necessarly important matches, but ones in which I had shots I loved, crazy shots that I practiced in my trainings and had executed them perfectly during the match. All I wanted was to play tennis, to please the audience if possible, and in the meantime to win.” – said the tennis master in his autobiography „Mr. Nastase”

Ilie Nastase Anniversary Edition, April 20th-28th 2013 

BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy will celebrate through Ilie Nastase Anniversary Edition 40 years from that historical moment and hundreds of sport performances achieved by the great champion . The Anniversary Edition will include many special events with the star appearance of Ilie Nastase. These events will be held during all the 9 days of the tournament : April 20th-28th, BNR Arenas.

Globally, ATP will celebrate Ilie Nastase next to other former number one  players of the world. „ATP Heritage” is a campaign that will be in progress throughout the year, and  includes some special events, a book launch and a documentary.

Ilie Nastase, in the exhibition match ENEL „ 4 Stars Full Of Energy” – April 27th, 18:00 hrs  

This year, tennis show fans will get the chance to see the great Ilie Nastase in an exhibition doubles event. Ilie Nastase will team up  with one of his former doubles partner, the Italian Adriano Panatta. On the other side of the net we will have Mansour Bahrami – the master of exhibition events –  and Andrei Pavel. ENEL Romania sustains the tradition of hosting this exhibition match at the BNR Arenas for the last 7 years.

Tickets and subscriptions, available in the Eventim network

Tickets and subscriptions for BRD Nastase Tiriac Trophy are available online ( and in the Eventim network stores. The price of the tickets ranges between 15 and 40 lei, while the BRD TennisPass subscription is 120 lei and includes access to all the tournament days.

The access to the BNR Arenas is free between April 20th-21st, and preschool kids, students and grandparents have free access between April 22nd-25th, up to 1500 entries/ day.